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VF-1 High Gain Antenna

The VF-1 is a VHF Log Periodic Dipole Array used to receive VHF band signals from the UV-1G belt pack transmitters. The VF-1 is a directional antenna used to focus RF energy from one relative direction and should be used when forward gain and directivity is required. Using the VF-1 results in doubling the range of the belt pack transmit signals as compared to the supplied omnidirectional whip antenna.

Operating Frequency: 174-216 MHz
Gain: 6 dBd
Beam Width: 70 degrees
RF Connector: BNC Female
Mounting Hardware: Microphone Stand Thread Mount

VF-1 Spec Sheet

CP-1V VHF Antenna

The CP-1V VHF antenna is a leap forward in RF technology. It’s small footprint — only 18 inches square — performs more effectively than much larger antennas. A true circularly polarized antenna, it covers the entire VHF wireless microphone band of 174-216 MHz.

In performance tests, the CP-1V antenna exhibited fewer dropouts and greater overall range than its competitors.

The RF power handling of the CP-1V (5 watts) to make it practical for multi-transmitter systems including VHF in-ear monitor systems or a combined IFB systems. Its rugged, weather-resistance construction makes it suitable for outdoor use.

SWR: Nominally 2:1 or better over the entire band, 174-216 MHz.
Power handling: 5 watts.
Gain: 3 dBd, circular.
Cardiod pattern, -3 dB beamwidth: Approximately 100 degrees.
Front to back ratio: Approximately 20 dB.

CP-1V Spec Sheet

UD-1 UHF High Gain Circularly Polarized Antenna

Operating Frequency: 470 – 698 MHz
Gain: 8 dBd
Beam Width: 75 degrees
RF Connector: BNC Female
Mounting Hardware: Microphone Stand Thread Mount

UD-1 Spec Sheet

UV Base Station Whip Antennas (BNC)

UHF (470-608MHz)
VHF (174-216MHz)

VHF Information UHF InformationVHF 1/4 Wave Omni Whip