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Combiners & Splitters

TX-8U Active Transmitter Antenna Combiner

The Radio Active Designs TX-8U transmitter combiner may be used on the transmit side of the UV-1G wireless intercom or on any UHF in ear monitor system. The TX-8U is superior to other transmit combiners on the market due to its high intermodulation suppression and full control of the RF power output of each transmitter.

Features Include:
Individual RF power switches at each of the inputs.
RF Power regulation so the output from the IEM or RF PL maintains a constant, predetermined output from that device.
Low Intermodulation distortion for a cleaner RF signal

TX-8 Quick-Start Guide

TX 2-4U Combiner-Splitter

Product Specs:
Operating Frequency Range: 470-698 MHz
Number of RF Inputs: 2
Number of RF Outputs: 4
Nominal Input & Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
Input Power Range per Channel: 20-250mW
Selectable Output Power per Channel: 1mW, 50mW, 100mW, 250mW
In-Channel Intermodulation Products: Better than -35 dB (typical)
Channel-to-Channel Intermodulation Products: Better than -60 dB (typical)
All Harmonic Levels (Exceeds FCC Part 74 & 15 Requirements): Better than -40 dB (typical)
Antenna VSWR Indicator Threshold: Greater than 2:1
Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +55°C
AC Line Operating Voltage & Frequency: 90-260 VAC 47-63 Hz
Power Consumption: <125 Watts
Dimensions: 19°W x 1U H x 12 3/4″ D
RF Connections: BNC

TX 2-4U Quick Start Guide

V-8 VHF Antenna Splitter

The Radio Active Designs V-8 is a VHF antenna splitter designed to work with the UV-1G receivers. The V-8 receives signals from the VHF antenna input and splits the RF signal to eight outputs.

Two Versions:
1-IN/8-OUT VHF Receive Splitter, BNC
4-IN/8-OUT VHF Receive Splitter, BNC

Features Include:
A DC voltage switch to send VDC up the coaxial cable input to power a remote VHF filtered amplifier for long cable runs
RF Gain control to customize your setup with proper RF Gain Staging