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Base Station/Belt Pack PC Software

Note: Radio Active Designs newest software application Version 2.4.1 contains updated UV-1G firmware Version BASE180606A and BELT180606A. Once the software application Version 2.4.1 is installed it has the ability to notify you of the latest software & firmware downloads available. Software application Version 2.4.1 has an added Logging feature for Troubleshooting and has resolved USB driver issues. Software application Version 2.4.1 will NOT work with prior firmware versions for bases and belt packs. We recommend using the latest software application version and installing the latest firmware to ensure the best performance from your UV-1G equipment.

While updating firmware on Body Packs and Base Stations, please disable any file syncing and computer protection software such as Dropbox and Malwarebytes. Disabling them will enable faster and more stable firmware updating times.

Connecting your base station or belt pack to a computer for programming & firmware updating may take a second attempt to complete the USB driver configuration for that device.

Please contact technical support for direct assistance.

Monday – Friday
8 am – 6 pm PST
phone: 402.477.0695

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