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PC Software

Windows 8 and 10 users RAD Software Install instructions:
Note: Please uninstall older version of software before installing the new version.

After downloading the current version, please complete THESE STEPS to disable the driver signature enforcement in Windows 10 Technical Preview.

After that is done, then install the RAD PC software.

Base Station – PC Software

Version 4 (used to program packs and base station) and Version 5 (used for firmware updates only) software cannot be installed at the same time. 

Base Station PC Software Version UV-1G_Setup_v1_0_4_0
Version 4. Use to program packs and base station. Version 4 will not update base station firmware. There are no minimum resolution requirements.

Base Station PC Software Version UV-1G_Setup_ v1_0_5_2
Version 5. Use for firmware updates only. Version 5 is NOT for programming the base station or belt packs.

*Disclaimer: Do not attempt to upgrade base stations with version 1 motherboards. Firmware upgrades are only intended for Version 2 base stations. Version 1 base stations have one base link port on the back of the base station. V2 base stations have an in and a out base link port. For information regarding obtaining version 2 base stations, please contact Technical Support at

Battery Charger – PC Software

Firmware Updates

Base Station & Belt Pack Firmware Update

Base Station – BASE1G-V2.0-BASE_170523A.bin
The RAD UV-1G base station firmware update provides a major sound quality improvement of 2 and 4 wire base station audio.

Update: 6-20-2017

Improves 2 Wire Interfacing Audio and Performance.
Please use Version IV Software to update the base station firmware.
See the PC Software Section above.

Belt Pack – BELT1G-V1.0-BELT_170324A.bin
The RAD UV-1G belt pack firmware update rescales microphone gain.

Battery Charger Firmware Update


UV-1G_User_Manual_Rev_F.pdf (Updated July 31, 2016)
Download the BC-4 Manual


Belt Pack Dimensions
Battery Dimensions

Please contact technical support for direct assistance.

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phone: 402.477.0695