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Tuacahn Center For The Arts Adds Radio Active Designs

Tuacahn Center for the Arts, located in the mouth of the Padre Canyon in Ivans, Utah, recently upgraded to Radio Active Designs UV-1G wireless intercom systems. The 1,920-seat outdoor amphitheater – which opened its doors in 1995 – attracts thousands of patrons for the assortment of musical theatre productions and concerts it hosts annually.

“The quality of production put on by the center really demands uncompromised communications,” explains Kevin Warnick, managing director and COO of the theatre. “For example, in 2011 we engineered a water curtain that spanned the 75-foot width of the stage and hung 30 feet high to create the illusion of being under the sea for Disney’s Little Mermaid. We continually stretch our capabilities. Upgrading our intercoms was a logical move.”

In addition to continually upgrading the quality of their productions, the amphitheater is also located in a RF challenged location. As productions have become larger and more elaborate, the amount of RF necessary for wireless microphones and IEM has also expanded. The UV-1G base station operates in a very small sliver of RF while the RAD body packs function completely in UHF – freeing up valuable RD for other use. When Warnick realized how much RF they would free up making the move to Radio Active Designs, he didn’t hesitate to purchase XX base stations along with XX RAD packs

“The UV-1G system has been a real blessing,” concludes Warnick. “Not only do they perform flawlessly, but they have provided our team with the flexibility necessary to continue to provide the quality our shows and concerts demand. I would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone.”




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