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With the recent completion of the FCC 600 MHz auction, as well as the 700 MHz auction held in 2010, the wireless microphone and intercom communities have lost 192 MHz of operating UHF-TV band spectrum in a few short years. Wireless operators now face greater operational challenges than at any point in the history of the Broadcast Auxilary Services.

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Interested in learning more about the Scene Change feature? Scenes provide a way to store multiple configurations, and then easily recall them when needed. Most user configurable settings are included in scenes except for the display settings, the passcode, the Belt Pack ID, and the button labels list. Schedule a quick zoom meeting to learn about this from one of our tech team members!

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Whoa! You Can’t Do That

One of the main causes of RF (radio frequency) interference is intermodulation products created by our own wireless equipment. In this piece, I will outline some of the common setup[…]

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Radio Active Designs Appoints Jim Bakker EMEA Sales Manager

East Rutherford, NJ (October 2019) –  Radio Active Designs CTO James Stoffo has announced the appointment of Jim Bakker to the position of EMEA sales and technical support director.  […]

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Radio Active Designs Introduces SPX-1 Professional Headset

The new SPX-1 headset from Radio Active Designs (RAD) is ultra-lightweight for supreme comfort while featuring a rugged nylon body and heavy-duty construction ideal for busy professionals. “This headset works[…]

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