Radio Active Designs Introduces SPX-1 Professional Headset

The new SPX-1 headset from Radio Active Designs (RAD) is ultra-lightweight for supreme comfort while featuring a rugged nylon body and heavy-duty construction ideal for busy professionals.

“This headset works great with our RAD belt packs in any environment but particularly during events that have extremely high noise levels,” explain James Stoffo, CTO, RAD. “Communications during music awards shows, concerts and sporting events can be extremely challenging due to high SPL. This headset has exceptional audio isolation, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.”

The SPX-1 features a flexible, dynamic microphone that can be configured for left or right ear use. The dynamic speaker unit offers an impedance of 200 Ω, frequency response of 150-6,000Hz, and SPL of 106 dB. A convenient flip-up boom switch automatically turns the microphone “on” when in the horizontal position and “off” when vertical.

The RAD design team, with more than 100 years of combined experience in RF, worked diligently to create a headset that would not only offer optimal audio quality, but also be reliable and durable enough for the toughest applications. The SPX-1 is the result of their efforts.

“I have used a number of different headsets during my 35+ years in the industry,” concludes Stoffo. “I was always searching for something lightweight, LOUD, and reliable. I found I had to settle for two out of three. The SPX-1 hits all three without exception.”

Radio Active Designs Debuts CP-1V VHF Antenna

The new CP-1V Circular Polarized Antenna from Radio Active Designs is a leap forward in RF technology that provides end users with a compact (18-inches square) antenna that covers the entire VHF wireless microphone band of 174-216 MHz.

The RF power handling of the CP-1V (5 watts) handles multi-transmitter systems including VHF in-ear monitor systems or a combined IFB system. Its rugged, weather-resistance construction makes it suitable for outdoor use.

“In performance tests, the CP-1V antenna exhibited fewer dropouts and greater overall range compared to an LPDA (log-periodic dipole array) antenna,” explains James Stoffo, CFO, Radio Active Designs. “We are going to begin to see more and more VHF systems in use as the TV repack begins to impact production sites. The CP-1V is a real problem-solver.”


Photo Cutline: The new Radio Active Designs CP-1V VHF antenna
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