UV-1G Wireless Intercom

Radio Active Designs has introduced the production community’s first ever Enhanced Narrow Band™ wireless intercom system.

Enhanced Narrow Band™ offers RF channels possessing an occupied bandwidth of a mere 25 kHz with the audio characteristics one would expect from a traditional FM system. The UV-1G also utilizes the relatively unused VHF range for all belt pack portable devices. This leaves more room for operation of other wireless devices, such as In-Ear Monitors and Wireless Microphones.

Version 2 Belt Pack Features:

  • Headset microphone bias voltage supports any headset
  • Belt pack battery life increased by 25%
  • Temperature has decreased
  • Belt pack audio vastly improved
  • Headset output offers greater gain and more dynamic range
  • With the latest firmware update in the base station, the system sounds better than any analogue wireless intercom on the market at this time

Features Include:

  • Each channel has an occupied bandwidth of 25kHz
  • Packs operate in the VHF Range which clears up valuable UHF spectrum for microphones and IEMs
  • Operate 30 base stations with up to 180 belt packs in the same UHF footprint as a 1 base station 4 beltpack system that uses traditional FM technology
  • UHF base to pack frequencies operate below allowed range of portable TVBDs
  • Up to 6 belt packs to one base station
  • Internal belt pack antennas
  • Feed hundreds of belt packs from on antenna
  • Audio quality of traditional FM intercom systems